Conferences and Talks

spooky floor cathedral bitonto2017

Robert Guiscard as Patron and Plunderer, at The Normans in the South: Mediterranean Meetings in the Central Middle Ages.


The Mantle of King Roger II of Sicily at Medieval Textiles: Meaning and Materiality. You can listen to the recording of my paper here.

Pseudo-Arabic in Medieval Southern Italy, Murray Research Seminar, Birkbeck.

Angels on the Move: The Bronze Doors of Monte Sant’Angelo, Birkbeck Medieval Seminar.


The Impact of the Norman Conquest on the Visual Arts in Puglia, The Warburg Institute, Director’s Work-in-Progress Seminar.


Constructing the Basilica of St Nicholas in Bari, Cambridge Medieval Art Seminars.


Visual Culture in Norman Puglia c1070 – 1130, Graduate Symposium in History of Art.


Importing Byzantine Objects: The Bronze Doors of Monte Sant’Angelo in Puglia, International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds.


The Meaning and Function of the ‘Coronation’ Mantle of Roger II, Cambridge Symposium of Middle Eastern Studies.


The image at the top of this page is the mosaic pavement excavated beneath the cathedral of Bitonto.